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QTB's QBLP1515 Series is a small PLCC4 with the low profile of 1mm. This size of 1.5x1.5mm is as small as 0606 chipled. But, QBLP1515 series is brighter than 0606 chipled series.

QBLP1515 single colors with the white housing are suitable for the indicator application, and QBLP1515 RGB with the black housing is suitable for the signage application.
Optocoupler > 8 Pin DIP > Daul Channel Photodarlington Output, DC Input

Product Part No. VF(V) CTR@IF=10mA, VCE=10V BVCEO(V) VCE(SAT) TR/TR(µS) VISO (Vrms) Data Sheet Buy Now
Typ. Min. Max. Min Max Max  
Q825 1.2 600 7500 40 1.0 300 / 200 5000

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